About Us

Richard Kassner and Dan Goodspeed are the founding partners of Kassner Goodspeed Architects. They have been designing mid- and high-rise residential projects for over four decades. Their combined skills make them experts in planning, design, coordination and construction of complex mixed use residential projects. With over 50 major projects under their belt, they bring a wealth of expertise in high- rise construction, green building techniques and strategies, high efficiency envelope design, and a tight adherence to budget constraints and timelines. KGA has extensive experience in co-ordinating multi-discipline design teams through a successful design process.

Over the years, KGA has primarily been involved with assisted living residences, condos, apartments, townhouses as well as single family dwelling design. Often, as in the Paramount and the Gladstone Ridge developments, they are mixed used solutions that have prominent ground floor retail to accompany the residential functions above. Combined retail and office commercial spaces in the ground level of high-rise residential projects allow developers to maximize their use of space, while providing pedestrians an animated and dynamic street frontage experience. The firm has received numerous awards and citations for their work in Atlantic Canada and have repeatedly demonstrated their ability to envision strong design solutions for complex project constraints. As broadly experienced architects and long time green building enthusiasts KGA has a recognized expertise in building forensics and the design and refurbishment of building envelopes.